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3 days of archaeology in a pre-pandemic May

Been adding some short videos to our barely used you tube page. Here’s three days of digging pre-pandemic at Dunmore Abbey, Co. Galway  

Our Day of Archaeology 2015

Our Day of Archaeology 2015

Last Friday was the Day of Archaeology…. Have you ever wondered what archaeologists really get up to? Is it all just digging or is there a lot more to it? The Day of Archaeology project aims to provide a window into the daily lives of archaeologists from all over the world. The project asks people […]


The Day of Archaeology project aims to provide a window into the daily lives of archaeologists from all over the world.  The project asks people working, studying or volunteering in the archaeological world to participate with us in a “Day of Archaeology” each year in the summer by recording their day and sharing it through […]



Via the Galway City Museum facebook page – UPDATE: Archaeological Discoveries at Terryland Castle, Galway (click the photo’s to embiggen…) “Galway City Council is constructing a multi-modular ramp to provide safe access from the Dyke Road to the Quincentennial Bridge. Funding from the National Roads Authority has facilitated this work. A number of archaeological finds have […]


We’ve reached the end of marking our tenth year in business. And on a high note as we’ve been nominated in 4 categories in the Grafton media Irish  Blog Awards. Thanks to whoever nominated us – we’re in the long lists for Best Eco/Green Blog, Best Arts/Culture Blog, Best Blog Of An SME and Best Science/Education Blog.  So, […]


Continuing our series of old posts (to mark our 10th year in business), ones we feel were good, prescient or elicited some good conversation or debate, this post was first published in January 2009. Posted in response to a controversy about how we treat and curate our dead, initiated by then IT journalist Sarah Carey, […]



The beer swilling blogeratti are in the throes of some rather vigorous debates online about the recently published ‘Oxford Companion to Beer’ with two distinct points of view emerging about beer writing in general, and particularly the approach to the history of beer (see here for Nazi’s, here for Pete Brown’s view, here for a […]



Declan, Billy and Nigel presented at a Seminar on ‘Experimental Archaeology in Northwest Europe: Principles and Potential’ in UCD last week. Our presentation was on the beer experiments and Fulacht Fiadh. Here’s some of Declan’s section of the presentation: Fulachta fiadh are one of the most widespread of Irish field monuments and may number up […]


The Day of Archaeology 2011 aimed to give a window into the daily lives of archaeologists and happened on July 29th. With over 400 contributors, it chronicled what they did on one day, from those in the field through to specialists working in laboratories and behind computers. This was our contribution. To see all the contributions see […]


This piece was originally published at the Archaeology Group Blog: Then Dig last month… There’s a somewhat long tirade by way of an introduction to this post on distance, perceptions from afar, and the current state of Ireland so, indulge, or bear with, me while I set the scene! Writing in the Irish Times just […]

10 YEARS OLD (Our first advert)

10 YEARS OLD (Our first advert)

We’ve just realised that Moore Group is now 10 years in business. So, to mark ten years, we’ll have a series of events over the coming months (small ones – can’t afford much in the way of big events, so no fireworks or suchlike). We’ll also indulge in a little retrospective here on the blog. […]


From today we’ll be adding the submissions we’ve made to the excavations website to the blog. From their website: The database contains summary accounts of all the excavations carried out in Ireland – North and South – from 1970 to 2007. It has been compiled from the published Excavations Bulletins from those years, with a […]


There’s a somewhat long tirade by way of an introduction to this post on distance, perceptions from afar, and the current state of Ireland so, indulge, or bear with, me while I set the scene! Writing in the Irish Times just before the visit of the queen of England to the Republic of Ireland in […]


Then Dig is an archaeological group blog conceived after a popular blog carnival leading up to the Blogging Archaeology session at the 76th meeting of the Society for American Archaeology and is the brainchild of Colleen Morgan and Alun Salt, with the goal of bringing the best of archaeological blogging together in one place. It’s […]


Our Resource Centre aims to be an open-source comprehensive tool and source of relevant information to anyone undertaking a range of activities or projects on the Island or off the shore of Ireland. The Centre will address the areas of planning, cultural heritage, coastal and marine issues, the natural environment and biodiversity and related issues. Stage 1 […]


Two years ago Billy and I (Declan) gave a presentation at the National Roads Authority’s annual archaeology seminar about the fulacht beer theory. Now that I’ve figured out how to post VIMEO videos to wordpress – here’s a video of the presentation… Note the Erratum: Dr. Patrick McGovern, sometimes referred to as the Indiana Jones […]

Brew day stage one: Gathering the Heather

Brew day stage one: Gathering the Heather

After a fruitless (flowerless!) Saturday afternoon drive with one year old in tow, up the Crumlin (‘crooked glen’) Valley near Cornamona, Co. Galway (or ‘Gleann gan Fraoch’ as we’ve taken to calling it), we finally came across a reasonable growth of Bell Heather south of Maumwee Lough near Lackavre (but not, we stress, within the […]

SMR / RMP / RHM ….. WTF!!!

The legislation The principal components contained within each act/amendment are listed below. The National Monuments Act 1930 Protects National Monuments Makes it a legal requirement that people report the discovery of archaeological objects Restricts export and prohibits injury to archaeological objects The National Monuments (Amendment) Act 1954 Makes it possible for the Commissioners to undertake […]

Reach the Future through the Past

Via Brian Dolan at One day conference announcement: Reach the Future through the Past The County Museum, Dundalk, is hosting a one-day conference, Reach the Future through the Past, on Wednesday 25 August 2010. The conference will explore the use of innovation in a heritage setting, and will examine new ways of promoting concepts […]

Ireland as a National Monument

Here’s the Republic of Ireland mapped in National Monuments. The term “national monument” as defined in Section 2 of the National Monuments Act (1930) means a monument “the preservation of which is a matter of national importance by reason of the historical, architectural, traditional, artistic or archaeological interest attaching thereto” (link). On the suggestion by […]


Two brief snippets today – WhenonGE (When on Google Earth) is still unsolved at Theoretical Structural Archaeology. For those who are unfamiliar with the game, It’s a game for archaeologists, or anybody else willing to have a go! The host posts a google earth image of an archaeological site, you try to identify the site in […]

Assemblage VI

Assemblage VI

Gathering stuff from the internest on Beer, Archaeology, the Environment, Aquaponics and anything else that strikes us as interesting, since May 2008. On architectural job losses and planning, more garbage patches – this time in the North Atlantic, Irish Film Stereotypes, Atheistic visitors to the Emerald Isle, Adolf Hitler and his fondness for Trad and […]

When on Google Earth 80

When on Google Earth 80

We’ve posted a more detailed piece on Cahercommaun following it’s identification by Brian Dolan for your further reading.. As Declan solved When on Google Earth 79 (WhenonGE) at Matts WOGE, after some very significant clues, here’s WhenonGE 80… So once again here are the rules: Q: What is When on Google Earth? A: It’s a […]

Naked drunken fat ladies?

Naked drunken fat ladies?

Here’s a slide from tonights presentation to the GMIT Heritage Society. We’ll be presenting a talk on the beer experiment and Fulachta Fiadh at 7pm tonight in Rm. 940. We’ve been busy reading Pat McGovern’s ‘Uncorking the past’ which is where we encountered the Laussel Venus pictured here. Pat posits a paleolithic origin to alcohol making and […]