Reach the Future through the Past

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One day conference announcement:

Reach the Future through the Past

The County Museum, Dundalk, is hosting a one-day conference, Reach the Future through the Past, on Wednesday 25 August 2010. The conference will explore the use of innovation in a heritage setting, and will examine new ways of promoting concepts of heritage and identity through the use of new technologies. The conference title is inspired by a line in Paul Brady’s The Island , and the purpose of the conference is to apply new ways of cultural and commercial thinking to Irish identity and to the historic Irish experience.

Conference organiser, Brian Walsh:

“Last year, the Global Irish Conference held at Farmleigh attracted representatives of the Irish diaspora and the CEOs of several multinational companies. One of the remarkable features of the conference was that the large number of CEOs who chose to attend the cultural – rather than the business – workshops. This is what gave me the idea that we should explore this theme further. The purpose of our conference here in Dundalk is to find ways of seeking inspiration from the past, and to find new ways of applying and presenting this.”

One of the main themes of the day will be how to innovatively promote and popularize history, identity, archaeology and culture to wider audiences.

The international panel of speakers is drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds: academia, archaeology, animation, broadcasting and business. Speakers include Mary Hawkes-Green (founder, Burren College Art and Design); Brian Dolan (founder, ); Ciaran McGuinness (Archer Heritage Planning); Paul Young (co-founder Cartoon Saloon and producer of The Secret of Kells ); and Yanky Fachler (historian, business trainer, and author of 6 Officers, 2 Lions, and 750 Mules ).

Admission to the conference is free, but prior booking is essential.

For all enquiries, please contact Brian Walsh at the County Museum, Dundalk,

+353 42-9327056, .

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