Moore Group’s new resource centre

The Moore Resource Centre is a project initiated by Moore Archaeological and Environmental Services and Moore Marine Ltd. The aim of the project is to build an open-source, membership based, comprehensive tool and source of relevant information to anyone undertaking a range of activities or projects on the Island or off the shore of Ireland.

Today we’ve published a significant section on Irish and International Cultural Heritage Legislation. Click here to see more.

The Centre will address the areas of planning, cultural heritage, coastal and marine issues, the natural environment and biodiversity and related issues. Stage 1 involves growing and developing the resource and we are calling for submissions from our readership.

Specifically the resource will provide links and collate lists, catalogues and text-based narratives describing where and how to find and view resources relating to natural and culturally designated areas, Planning Legislation and Policy, Development Plans and strategies, European Directives, relevant publications and journals, links to other related projects and links to other related web sites.

If you’d like to get involved in the project, submit a feature or discuss the site please either register or email us at

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