Talk: Crime Scene Investigation: Eyre Square

Billy will be giving a talk at the Galway City Museum on Saturday 23rd October, 2pm. Here’s the billing;

Talk: Crime Scene Investigation: Eyre Square

Between 2004 and 2006, during excavations, a number of skeletal remains were unearthed at Eyre Square, dating from a period before the arrival of the Anglo-Normans to late Victorian era. Join Billy Quinn, Moore Group Archaeology, to learn how tell-tale traumas on the excavated remains provide a fascinating window into Galway’s turbulent history.
15 years +

Billy 'Horatio' Quinn CSI

In other news, we’ll be hosting Headfest 2010 at the end of September – once again demonstrating the ancient art of Fulacht Brewing. This time round we’ll be preparing a heather ale, so first step this weekend is to gather heather flowers, mill our barley and brew up a batch for tasting on the day. Once again, the Galway Hooker people (thanks very much Aidan!) have donated a bag of barley – it is unmilled so we’re putting out a call for a milling machine locally – or a large handmill!

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