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All the beer news: We’re delighted to note that Billy and Declan feature in the latest issue of Archaeology Magazine in a piece by Erin Mullally about Fulacht Fiadh and the mystery of their purpose – needless to say, we espouse our beer theory.. Follow the link below… Letter from Ireland: Mystery of the Fulacht […]

Talk: Crime Scene Investigation: Eyre Square

Talk: Crime Scene Investigation: Eyre Square

Billy will be giving a talk at the Galway City Museum on Saturday 23rd October, 2pm. Here’s the billing; Talk: Crime Scene Investigation: Eyre Square Between 2004 and 2006, during excavations, a number of skeletal remains were unearthed at Eyre Square, dating from a period before the arrival of the Anglo-Normans to late Victorian era. […]

Moore on Beer

Okay: It’s not exactly TED. But anyway, here’s our (Billy & Dec’s) presentation at the 2008 NRA Seminar (Dining and Dwelling) which is due for publication next month. Entitled: ‘Fulachta fiadh and the beer experiment: suggested future research strategies.’ Any Chinese viewers, please forgive Declan. Also note Erratum: Dr. Patrick McGovern, sometimes referred to as […]

The Irish Times Article by Conor Pope

This is the link to the Irish Times article Conor Pope wrote about The Great Beer Experiment that appeared in August and instigated the huge coverage we received. We just saw Conor last night on a TV ad for a new RTE programme starting on Sunday night – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (thats the programme name by […]