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We’re delighted to note that Billy and Declan feature in the latest issue of Archaeology Magazine in a piece by Erin Mullally about Fulacht Fiadh and the mystery of their purpose – needless to say, we espouse our beer theory..

Follow the link below…

Letter from Ireland: Mystery of the Fulacht Fiadh – Archaeology Magazine http://bit.ly/v1Bmuu

And last Thursday Declan gave  a presentation on ‘Ancient Booze’ at Ignite Dublin 8. Ignite (from http://ignitedublin.tumblr.com/) ‘is a social evening arranged around sixteen talks on diverse topics: each speaker has five minutes and 20 slides, the slides auto-advance every 15 seconds. The odd, oddly rigid, format allows for great for amazing flexibility: it is possible to put together talks on completely different topics delivered in completely different style and the essence of Ignite is its breadth, that and its awesomeness. ‘

It was a great evening with a range of fascinating and entertaining talks. Three archaeologists spoke – Jane Ruffino, Finn Delaney and Declan…  At some point the videos are to be posted to YouTube and we’ll link to them here. Here are the slides from Declan’s presentation.

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