Visual Impact Assessment

Bantry Bay Pano

Our consultants provide an expert service in the analysis of visual impacts for a wide variety of developments. We provide advice on mitigation and input to the project design.

The two principal factors determining the visual impact of a development are the sensitivity of the location or receptor and the scale or magnitude of the proposed works. Therefore, ‘… the significance of visual effects will be assessed by taking into consideration the sensitivity and importance of the receptor and the nature, scale or magnitude and duration of the change..’ at the site (Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, 2nd Edition, 2002, 95). When considering the impact of development or proposed development on an existing amenity it is important to recognise that ‘there is likely to be a continuum in the degree of visibility of the development from full view to no view.

Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (GLVIA) states that ‘the assessment of visual effects describes:

  • the changes in the character of the available views resulting from the development;
  • the changes in the visual amenity of the visual receptors’ (GLVIA, 89).

We identify the potential visual impacts of a proposed development at project design stagen to help minimise any potential impacts.  Where required this includes computer generated  representations and photomontages.

We have demonstrable experience across a range of sectors with recent commissions including industrial developments, windfarms and small scale developments in sensitive locations.