The Irish Times Article by Conor Pope

This is the link to the Irish Times article Conor Pope wrote about The Great Beer Experiment that appeared in August and instigated the huge coverage we received. We just saw Conor last night on a TV ad for a new RTE programme starting on Sunday night – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (thats the programme name by the way – haven’t seen it yet). He looked very severe, and we wonder is he going to be the Simon Cowell figure? As the RTE website describes him – ‘Journalist Conor Pope is responsible for the ever-popular Pricewatch, which has appeared every Monday in The Irish Times for more than three years. Retailers who thought they could get away with shortchanging customers have lived to regret locking horns with this consumer champion.’

Billy and Dec will be speaking at Sligo IT for Science week this evening at 8pm. We think this is the link for a webcast of the talk. All are welcome.

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