10 YEARS OLD (Our first advert)

We’ve just realised that Moore Group is now 10 years in business. So, to mark ten years, we’ll have a series of events over the coming months (small ones – can’t afford much in the way of big events, so no fireworks or suchlike). We’ll also indulge in a little retrospective here on the blog.

Moore Group is a little different in terms of the way we do business and the type of business we do. We’re the only service provider in the country who provide both archaeological and ecological services, and we’re proud to say that, so far, this diversity of service has served us and our clients well. We’ve a great core team of professionals and the  four of us have been together for virtually the whole ten years. We started small, grew a little, and at one point had almost 50 people on the books, with a maximum full-time staff of 18, but, given the times we’re in, we’ve shrunk again to the core four, with Moore Marine as our adjunct.

So forgive us while we get a little self-indulgent on the blog over the coming months.

The company began with just me (Declan) in 2001. I was fortunate to win a small excavation contract in Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim for the North Western Health Board, which helped kick off the company and allowed me to hire the excellent Tom Rogers, who has now moved back to the UK. Tom contributed  a great deal to the company and helped develop the product we have now.

We announced ourselves (a little stridently) in the Summer 2001 Issue of ‘Archaeology Ireland’ with this advert designed by Bloom Advertising in Dublin (a very creative bunch indeed), which we’re reliably informed raised a few eyebrows… No idea why!














4 Responses to “10 YEARS OLD (Our first advert)”

  1. billy quinn says:

    Strident’s a great word….where did the time go…we’re becoming archaeology!

  2. declan says:

    we had to drop the catchphrase ‘past, present, future’ in later ad’s as ADS had claimed that one before us…

  3. declan says:

    And of course, there was Shirley, Karen and Dave…

  4. Southisham says:

    OI! You!

    Happy Birthday etc.

    And strident IS a great word. I also like ‘nefarious’.

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