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BER Implementation….. The Chaos & Confusion…

So, the January 1st deadline for implementation of the BER Legislation has come and gone and with it my optimism that this system is ever going to get off the ground in a satisfactory manner. As it stands, the 1st January deadline seems to have been replaced with a notional 30th June 2009 deadline, although […]

'Tis the season…

So, the season of goodwill is almost upon us and ’tis the time to be jolly and giving and suchlike…. Also almost upon us is the date of implementation of the BER legislation for all existing dwellings and we thought that we should provide a brief outline of the BER system and associated legislation in […]

To BE.R or not to BE.R, that is the question…….

Since the establishment of Moore Groups energy consulting section,  the jury is still out…… last month, we have been positively under-whelmed with clients wishing to avail of our expert Building Energy Services. This largely seems to be not as a result of our anonymity in the field but rather as a result of a general […]

Going fishin'

Photo owned by The Wu’s Photo Land (cc) With nods to Historiann. No, not another post on aquaponics. Off to more wedding festivities etc.. in Norway. Declan, that is, not the entire company. Updates on aquaponics, more on beer, more on Eyre Square, whaling stations in Ireland, new finds, perhaps a little bit more on […]