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The Greens attempt to retain hot air

In a dramatic volte-face this weekend The Green Party announced an initiative that might actually make some difference, albeit to individual home-owners rather than the planet at large. In stark contrast to Minister Ryan’s usual pie-in-the-sky imagining of hordes of merry ‘nouveau-pauvre’ merrily cycling to work through fields of buttercups, or some such similar nonsense […]

BER Implementation….. The Chaos & Confusion…

So, the January 1st deadline for implementation of the BER Legislation has come and gone and with it my optimism that this system is ever going to get off the ground in a satisfactory manner. As it stands, the 1st January deadline seems to have been replaced with a notional 30th June 2009 deadline, although […]

More Hot Rock technology

Following on from the innovative use of abandoned mine shafts in Holland to produce geo-thermally heated domestic hot water here’s some recent news of Google’s major investment in a potentially groundbreaking (pardon the deliberate, if poor, pun) method of using the natural heating power of the planet to provide massive amounts of hot water, on […]