Going fishin'

Photo owned by The Wu’s Photo Land (cc)

With nods to Historiann. No, not another post on aquaponics. Off to more wedding festivities etc.. in Norway. Declan, that is, not the entire company. Updates on aquaponics, more on beer, more on Eyre Square, whaling stations in Ireland, new finds, perhaps a little bit more on Maggie Ronayne, and pics from Headfest 08 when we return in a couple of weeks.

The picture above was obtained using Jazz Biscuits Creative Commons Image Search -a really useful resource pointed to by Damien Mulley (and best wishes to JB in whatever it is he/she’s up to next).

And we’re delighted to announce that we will be launching our new Building energy ratings (BER) services next week. Call the office on 091-765640 for a quotation. More details on that when we return, including handy energy saving tips etc..

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