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Four Stone Hearth 61

Four Stone Hearth 61

Happy Kuwait Day, Happy People Power Day and, above all, Happy Feast Day of Blessed Maria Adeodata Pisani (who it has to be said really had a truly miserable life). But before you get your spirituality on, welcome to the desultory confines of the 61st Four Stone Hearth (4SH) Blog Carnival where, as someone once […]

Four Stone Hearth Blog Carnival – Call for submissions We’ve had a few great submissions for the next editon of the 4SH Blog Carnival so far, but we’re still looking for more. The Carnival will be up here on Wednesday evening (25th Feb.) so step on up and get your links in to us at […]

Assemblage II

Gathering stuff from the blogworld/internets on Beer, Archaeology, Environment, Aquaponics and anything else that strikes us as interesting, since last month. We’ll start topically this time with Jim Corr setting out his stall on the Lisbon Treaty on ‘The Last Word’ (via Mulley)…… I still haven’t received my booklet – clearly I’m a victim of […]