Headfest, Ale and The Daily Mail

Turtle Bunbury has  a great piece in today’s Irish Daily Mail about the beer and our annual ‘Headfest’, featuring a very menacing looking Nigel working over our beer pot. The event was great fun and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks very much to everyone who helped, and to anyone I’ve forgotten to list below:

All of Moore Group, Molly and Cáit (who prepared a fantastic spread of food), Aenghus for collecting our barrel of Hooker, Aidan and Ronan at the Galway Hooker Brewery for supplying us with advice, barley and a barrel of their fine ale, Niall and all at the Oslo Brewery and the Cottage who provided us with even more barley at very short notice, Niall Teague and his band ‘The Rascals’ who played gratis in the afternoon, John Power for giving us some extra power, everyone who assisted in the setup, everyone who came along and the weather gods for giving us the first fine ‘Headfest’ day…

Here’s Nigel (Just click to enbiggen):

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  1. Southiesham says:

    That big pot looks familiar. But I’m sure it’s not the one I think it is.

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