Friday Flora & Fauna

Well bloggers,  it’s time to get the spade out and throw some shape on that quagmire excuse for a garden.  Every year I think the same thing, I’m going to fill it in with gravel and deck the edges, it’s just a bit of bog anyway.  But then I don’t get around to it and end up doing a quick tidy up and sure I’ll cut the grass at some stage (probably when it’s up to the kids knees).  But this year I’m going to make an extra effort and plant a load of wildflowers.  “Biodiversity starts at home”, hmm could be a good title for a proposal.  Wildflower seed mixes are readily available in most garden centres but if you really want to keep it native try searching for Wildflowers Ireland or have a look at the Irish Seed Saver Association website for fruit n veg.  Now I must plant out that Holly, a gift from Coillte four years ago, the Oak rescued from Coole can wait another year.

4 Responses to “Friday Flora & Fauna”

  1. southiesham says:

    But what should I do if my garden is under 6″ of snow and it’s -35 outside? Ah Spring! Where are you when we need you?

  2. Martin R says:

    Hey guys, maybe this has already been pointed out to you, but have you noticed the typo in your masthead? Either you need to get rid of the S in “Groups” or you need to stick an genitive apostrophe in there.

  3. EcoWarrior says:

    Thats Moores fault. No genitives on this website please. If I want porn Ill go elsewhere thank you very much.

  4. declan says:

    Thanks Martin – It has been pointed out to us already, but I paint shopped pro’d and flattened the image and am a little to lazy to amend it now! Will be putting up a new banner shortly anyway – Gareth, the artist responsible for the ‘Bestiary’ collection has offered to send us some more snippets of his work for use as a banner so we can look forward to more ‘colourful’ mastheads over the coming months…

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