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This just in from ‘BioBlitz is a scientific race against time. The aim of this fun event is to find as many species as possible within a park over a 24 hour period. During last year’s event, the champions, Connemara National Park recorded a massive 542 species over a 24 hour period. Again this […]

Invasive Species, Lagarosiphon

Invasive Species, Lagarosiphon

Lagarosiphon major, Curly leaved pond weed or African pondweed, was first identified in Lough Corrib in April 2005.  Native to southern Africa, the plant quickly overtook native plant growth and threatened fish stocks in the lake. Not only does it threaten the biodiversity of Lough Corrib, but its biomass can interfere with navigation and water-based […]

Friday Flora & Fauna

Well bloggers,  it’s time to get the spade out and throw some shape on that quagmire excuse for a garden.  Every year I think the same thing, I’m going to fill it in with gravel and deck the edges, it’s just a bit of bog anyway.  But then I don’t get around to it and […]