4SH 61 at Moore Group

The 60th session of the four stone hearth blog carnival is up at Middle Savagery. As usual there’s a lot of great reading material and Colleen’s pointed to some great anthroblogs I hadn’t encountered before. Head on over by clicking here….

We’ll be hosting the next one on the 25th of February so, as Colleen clamours, ‘cowboy up and submit your best!’

Just send us an email at info@mooregroup.ie, including the link to your blog post and any other interesting info you like and, well, that’s all. We look forward to your submissions.

2 Responses to “4SH 61 at Moore Group”

  1. These were all submissions, I have to admit…I didn’t really have time to hunt for links on my own. I’ll have to work something up to submit to your edition!

  2. declan says:

    Looking forward to it Colleen.

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