Looting to order in Iraq

From Remote Central via PDQ here’s an excellent, if disturbing, small film about the looting in Iraq. Just click on the screenshot to view it.


We love Rumsfeld’s ‘Is it possible that there are that many vases in the whole Country’!!! What a wag! Compare with our own Taoiseach’s description of archaeologists (from The Irish Times, 5th. December 2005)

…as “the fastest growing profession in the country”, costing the State €100 million a year. In the Dáil in November 2004, he said they had grown from a “handful” to a “posse”, and he didn’t believe things had changed so radically to “justify this level of demand”.

In 2004 he dismissed the controversy over the M3 and Tara as “a row about who was there 5,000 years ago”. Though he didn’t know who inhabited Tara, he was sure they were “very significant people”, but there had to be some finality about what must be done “if we want to be progressive, if we want to be modern”.

Now you know.

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  1. Chris G says:

    There you go you experts, going around knowing stuff, bringing up facts and that, you terrors. In terms of a” posse” I take it he means the sort that chased Butch and Sundance not a sort of LA street gang.!Both description raises some amusing images of you all. keep up the good work.
    Happy Easter
    from Deptford

  2. mooregroup says:

    In September 2005 an article by Tim O’Brien in the Irish Times reported: “In what could only be taken as a reference to the Kildare bypass where a rare snail’s habitat was discovered and the proposed M3 in Co Meath which passes through an area of significant archaeology, Mr Ahern said: ‘In other countries they just get on with things. If you take a pencil and account for things like snails and archaeology you will never do anything.’

    In a later article, on the subject of Tara, he added: “Let’s see what they say – there’s certainly enough of them.” I’m still looking for my spurs and six-gun, but I must have left them behind somewhere!

  3. Chris G says:

    Don’t tell anyone but if you look in any field you’ll find a rare something or other. Rare things aren’t as scarce as we thought!

  4. Chris G says:

    the power of blogs a few comments here and t’old Bertie resigns!

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