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Here’s a press release from IT Sligo on trials for Zebra Mussel Control measures. Moore Group provided assistance. Scientific Trial on Grand Canal May Mean Breakthrough in Zebra Mussel Control Scientists from the Institute of Technology, Sligo are this week carrying out a trial on the Grand Canal, to establish the effectiveness of an innovative […]

Zebra Mussels & Divers

And another Moore Marine post – posted by Eoghan…. Zebra Mussels in Hand Many divers and boat users will be aware of the arrival of Zebra Mussels into our freshwater rivers and lakes. These light and dark striped shell bivalves have gained a ferocious reputation for destroying host environments and affecting freshwater ecosystems. As divers, […]

Intervals and Invaders – Zebra Mussels in the Corrib

According to Wiki – Interval = certain subset of an ordered set. There has been a certain subset of an ordered set on the Moore Group blog. It’s been very busy and due to a number of conflicting events we were unable to attend the Great Irish Beer Festival and so can’t comment on it’s […]