Brew day stage two: Barley & Bog Myrtle

Slight delay in terms of our big brew day. Galway Hooker very kindly donated another bag of malt barley to us last week, but we were unable to find a less onerous way to grind it, apart from an old food processor or bottles. So we elected to beg the good people at the Oslo Hotel Microbrewery in Salthill for a bag of milled malted barley, and on very little notice they gave us a bag. Nigel succeeded in getting a good deal more heather on his way back from Roundstone, so we’re fully kitted out with all the ingredients and hardware.

Aidan at the Hooker brewery very kindly showed us around their brewery and explained the process as it happens in a modern brewery. I’ve added a set of our 2010 brewing photos to Flickr which can be viewed here or on our Gallery page here. Here’s some of our visit to the Hooker Brewery.

Tomorrow we’ll be brewing our first heather ale and we’ll post up the results during the week.

Hooker 005

Hooker fermentation tanks

Hooker 004

Aidan and his mash tun

Hooker 003

Billy and Nigel talk beer with the expert

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  1. The Beer Nut says:

    Gotta say, the Cybernetic Ladybird look really suits Aidan. We’ll all be wearing it next summer…

  2. declan says:

    Health and safety, that beer can be very loud!

  3. […] year the guys turned their attention to viking style brewing. They made an ale using heather and bog myrtle instead of hops. This is a completely unhopped or gruit ale. Gruit is beer brewed with various […]

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