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The Early Medieval Archaeology Project (EMAP), a collaborative research consortium based in UCD/QUB and partners, completed in 2008 a series of significant archaeological reports based on its research as funded by the INSTAR 2008 programme and the Heritage Council Archaeological Research Grants 2008 scheme.

… all these EMAP reports can now be downloaded at …  www.emap.ie


Having only read the introduction to the ‘Early medieval Ireland, Archaeological excavations 1930-2004’ so far, this section drew my immediate attention:

… despite a general perception of a ‘crisis’ of non-publication in Irish archaeology, EMAP has shown that the problem may not be quite of the scale hitherto believed. EMAP suggests that of the 2,208 early sites, (where excavations were undertaken both on and in vicinity of), between 1930-2004; only 95 would be considered to be ‘Highly Significant’; 307 ‘Significant’; 485 ‘General Significant’, 302 ‘Uncertain’ while 1,019 site excavations were of ‘No Archaeological Significance’. Irish archaeology, through well-funded collaborative research programmes such as EMAP (and other projects for other periods) could easily cope with the publication and dissemination of this new archaeological evidence.

Congratulations are due to all the partners (listed on the website) for a great job, and the fact that it’s all available for free on the interweb is just the way it should be…

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