Break in Transmission

This blog is off to Paris for a short business trip.

So why not have a look at Bobby Kennedy Jnr. and Greg Palast’s ‘Steal back your vote‘. We like Bobby Kennedy Jnr. Have a look at his website here. We are the Moore Group and we approve this message.

Hat Tip to Greg Laden – see more at Greg’s posts here and here.

Oh! And Conor has a great little 1m (!) summary vid here.

And, here’s a mad idea – leave a message as to why you voted for a candidate and have it transmitted globally via the internet.. From Archaeoporn (who has an interesting recording in the latest post here).

ADDENDUM: 10th Nov: Just back from Paris, which SouthieSham rightly points out is full of French people, and I find this about RFK. Now I don’t know what to think! Any opinion?

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  1. Thanks Allan. Early morning flight but, being an election obsessive am reticent to sleep yet! Could be a very tired drive to Shannon tomorrow…

  2. southiesham says:

    Curious to see that Bobby Jr. has a passion for the extreme outdoors.
    Little Known Fact:

    Mount Kennedy in the Yukon in Canada was the highest, unconquered mountain in North America at the following JFK’s assassination and it was named in his honour. It was first scaled in 1965 by a National Geographic expedition which included Bobby Snr.

    Seem’s outdoor pursuits are in the mans genes.

    Enjoy Paris. But be careful. It’s full of French people.

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