Moving to Drupal?

We’re considering moving the whole operation, website, blog (while it still has a small but growing readership) and all, over to Drupal.

What we hope to do is expand on the resources aspect – pages with publications, links to useful web resources, photo collections etc.., all in one place.

Anyone have any experience with the whole thing (and how to move the whole blog thing over as well as redirecting existing readers) or useful suggestions?

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  1. Southiesham says:

    I was in Drupal once. But I don’t remember it. I was very, very drunk.

  2. neuralgourmet says:

    I moved my site from Drupal to WordPress. Drupal is extremely powerful, but at my point in life I was looking more for “just works” than “powerful”. If you decide to move to Drupal, be prepared for a steep learning curve but you’ll have a rewarding experience if you decide to invest the time.

  3. @SS LoL! Is that how you write that?

    Thanks NG. Our needs at this point are for one central depository for the two Company’s – Moore Group and Moore Marine – their websites and one core blog, along with an expanded resources section, a variety of Company information pages, and room for expansion. Drupal appears to be an ideal solution and from what we’ve read works well. To an extent, much of what we want could be achieved on WP, but as you say, we need something a little more ‘powerful’. We’ve looked at the alternatives as well – and they all seem to fit the bill reasonably.

    Great blog, by the way.

  4. neuralgourmet says:

    Thanks! Yeah, Drupal should be an ideal fit for you. It’s extremely powerful. The last I looked, the big problems with Drupal was that it was suffering from a lack of direction in design and a stubborn adherence to keeping stuff out of core that probably shouldn’t be (like image handling). A lack of high quality pre-built themes was also a problem (I’m pretty good on tech but I depend on real designers for the artsy stuff) for me. On the other hand, Drupal’s main theming engine is extremely easy to code for. It’s an excellent choice for small to midsize commercial sites. After all, and MTV UK were built on Drupal as well as one of NASA’s main sites (can’t remember which).

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