Demonstrating Ancient Brewing

Feel free to visit us at UCD this Thursday and Friday where we’ll be demonstrating our fulacht brewing.. We’ll have limited samples available. We bottled about 50 litres last weekend. The beer came out really clean and we previewed it to a few friends on Saturday night. The response was quite good. The bog myrtle seems to have balanced the barley really well, and if we’re careful when pouring there’s very little sediment. It settles out in the fridge to a bright orange colour, reminiscent of Fanta.

Tesco’s finest sparkling water was used to wash out our stones and the bottles recycled to contain the hot rock ale.

From left above, the bog myrtle used as flavour. Simply dropped into the plastic drum of wort wrapped in perforated cling film. Centre, the bottling plant, and right the final produce ready for shipping.

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  1. Southiesham says:

    Have been informed that the beer was lovely, but not as lovely as Billy. He’s dreamy.

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