More from John Waters

More from John Waters here. Fergal Crehan of debates blogs with Waters on Newstalk.

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  1. EcoWarrior says:

    In his interview, Waters says that all blogs are stupid, and all bloggers are idiots. This comes from a bloke with a mullet. His hailrline has receded so far back, that all he has up there is mullet. Except for that short little tufty thing on the very top, like a bobble on half of a wooly hat.
    So, finger not really on the pulse of modern trends and fashion there, is it, John?

  2. mooregroup says:

    Even Shane Hegarty at Present Tense on the IT website (one of John’s erudite colleagues) is getting in on the act now (he’s also got a recent blog entry on ‘Blogs, comments and the nastiness lurking out there’ which is of interest) – although he doesn’t mention Waters, and Twenty Major has a valuable contribution to make as well! Not that he/she wouldn’t have!

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