Our ‘Day of Archaeology’

Being Irish, I find it very difficult to be optimistic and positive. I laugh at the motivational speakers, haven’t drank the Kool Aid of positive thinking and have always been a deep cynic. Pessimism seems to be our natural state as a people. Despite a slight economic upturn which appears to be reflected in the amount of archaeological work that’s out there, there’s a deep rooted cynicism within us which leads us to expect the worst.

But we did survive the famine, didn’t we (well, some of us did), and it’ll never be that bad again, surely?

This year Moore Group has been busier than any time in the past six years and we’re all feeling much more positive about the future. Maybe it’s just the fine weather which is infecting us with hope. Maybe it’ll all go wrong again tomorrow. Whatever happens, we woke up this morning feeling positive, with two gigs involving actual archaeology – so here’s our happy, happy, fun day of archaeology in tweets and video with some small explication.

Read the rest on the Day of Archaeology website here:

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