And we’re back

We’re all unhacked now…

Apologies to regular readers for the long hiatus.

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  1. Brian McHugh says:

    A couple of years ago you were kind enough to provide a page for a strange old postcard of my Uncle Pat (McHugh) in a Free State uniform and invited some comments. At that time I was writing some short stories (one of which was broadcast by the BBC) and I decided to write a work of fiction based on the postcard. The book, Torn Edges by Brian McHugh is being launched this week (17 May 2012) in paperback and as a kindle ebook by Ringwood publishing. I know many of your followers have a keen awareness of this period so they might be interested. A friend of mine, a well known Glasgow singer, Brendan McLaughlin composed a terrific song for the launch. I have just created a youtube video about the book with the song as the background. The link is:
    (or use the tags Torn Edges song in the youtube window)

  2. declan says:

    Hi Brian

    Well done on the book. Hope the launch went well.


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