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As a result of the recent flooding, we’ve had little time to update the blog. Declan has been made homeless, while Billy was also forced to cope with a severe flood in his home. While we were able to recover all our things, it still made for a stressful couple of weeks, with Moore Marine’s kit coming in handy. We had to use a small inflatable and dry suits to get in and out in order to recover most of Declan’s family things.

Meanwhile we note from the WordPress blog counter thing that the blog has just rolled over 50,000 page views.

So like we saw Shawn do recently here’s some metadata:

First: Top Seven Posts:


Degrading the dead? 2,925

Aquaponics 2,825

Civil War in Connaught 2,670

Irelands Great Drug Epidemic 2,494

Archaeology Ireland Letter 1,954

Ale, brewing and fulacht fiadh: Archaeology Ireland   1,892

Early Christian Settlement at Corofin 1,386

We’ve noticed a big increase in readers searching for aquaponics over the past couple of months, perhaps reflecting the general economic situation and the increasing interest in self sufficiency and growing your own food. And beer and drugs seem to be popular subjects for some reason.

And here are the Top Ten Referrers:




WordPress Dashboard







Most of our readers appear to come from our websites or from Eachtra’s site…

So we just wanted to say “thank you” to all those who read the blog and for the positive feedback.  It’s been quite an investment of time and energy, but we hope you have gotten some good use and informative reading from it.

Here’s a wordle of our recent postings:

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