Recession-busting fulacht fiadh…

With the credit crunch and rising energy bills, perhaps it’s time to return to more traditional methods of cooking. Fulachtaí fia could be the answer..

So suggests Ross Golden Bannon in this weekends Sunday Business Post (piece not available online). Ross has a well researched single column piece which describes the nature and suggested functions of the fulacht (cooking and brewing), and concludes with a description of our brewing, leading to the inevitable conclusion that:

It seems the recession-busting fulacht fia has more function settings than a Miele cooker.

Maybe we should open a restaurant/micro-brewery!

In other Sunday news the recent UFO sightings near Dunboyne (which Ross Hemsworth, presenter of the TV show ‘Now that’s Weird’, even speculated might be linked to the construction of the M3 close to the Hill of Tara: “There have been a lot of sightings in Ireland in strange places and the proximity to the digging of the motorway may have opened things up”???? ) have been cast in some doubt by some comments on the Sunday Tribune website

#4 Andrea Mulligan commented, on October 6, 2008 at 4:42 p.m.:

The “UFO footage” is of sky lanterns (Chinese lanterns) released from Dunboyne Castle by my husband and I at our wedding reception there on the evening of 3 August 2008.

#5 Oliver Murray commented, on October 6, 2008 at 5:19 p.m.:

UFOs in County Meath identified?
Yes, Ms Mulligan is correct. My wife and I stayed at the Dunboyne Castle Hotel on the nights of 2nd and 3rd August last, and between 10.30pm and 11pm* on 3rd August we watched, from the balcony of our room, the wedding party release about a dozen “sky lanterns” from the car park which travelled in a roughly westerly direction. These are Chinese lanterns/hot air balloons, each powered by a candle. While they were neither coloured, nor triangular, I suspect these were the UFOs your correspondent Ken Sweeney is referring to. Sorry if this spoils the fun at the forthcoming UFO convention.

*Aliens spotted at 10:45 by a trustworthy source (a senior Garda)…..

And in what appears to me to be a clear case of how some in the Irish media… miscommunicate science and how the public seems hardwired to misunderstand science, The Sunday Tribune tells us of Jenny McCarthy’s ‘amazing journey‘, and how ‘she locks horns with the medical establishment’, in a fluff piece on vaccination and autism.

The article concludes:

Commenting on the progress of Evan, McCarthy says she realised her son had some understanding of what he’d been through when one day he announced: “Mom, I’m not like Dory anymore [referring to Dory in the film Finding Nemo, who can’t remember anything she says]. Dory had trouble remembering her words and so did I. Now I don’t have trouble with my words anymore. I’m not like Dory!”

McCarthy says moments like that are all the science she needs [my Italics].

Now, I’m no medical expert but have a read of Orac here for a bit of balance…

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  1. Sasquatch says:

    “recession-busting fulacht fia”

    Nice idea, but I recall John O’Neill giving a presentation to WAC in Dublin earlier this year and indicating that fulachta fia used sooooo much energy that they may have lead to the initial deforestation of Ireland during the Bronze Age. So maybe not!!

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