On the line

This post is the first of what we’ll call ‘On the line’ (until someone comes up with a better idea – suggestions welcome). Like Mulley’s Fluffy links or sort of our own in-house blog carnival, it will comprise of links to blog pots or websites which strike the author as interesting, entertaining or just plain bizarre. We’ll try to keep it beer, archaeology or environment related as much as possible but some other things might slip in…

So, to begin with, a story we’ve been reading about for a while now, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (it’s twice as big as Texas), Sue Hawks has an update on it and a brief video….

Pax Arcana has news about Coors and Millers impending merger, and the type of beers we can expect to make their way over here in the future as part of the future 2nd biggest American beer monopoly’s defense against the growth of the craft brewing industry…

And on a related crazy American notion, via jasperzszamos, here’s what the US version of ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) think about surgery for smokers!

An online Archaeology Equipment Shop... great idea.

An interesting post on large scale Solar Power generation at The Oil Drum, and Eoin Bairead’s News from the Net Website, links from his quarterly page in Archaeology Ireland with an archive of all the earlier pieces.

Via Eoin Bairead’s site here’s the Origins and Ancient History of Wine from the University of Pennsylvania’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

And finally (and totally unrelated) here’s what Julian Gough has been up to since winning the BBC National Short Story Prize and publishing Jude Part 1… from award winning writer to porn script writer, what must his poor mother think!

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