Pete Brown

Pete Brown, the author of ‘Man Walks into a Pub’ and ‘Three Sheets to the Wind’, two books that ‘approach the subject of beer with both the thoughtfulness and irreverence it deserves’, has returned from his epic journey to Kolkata/Calcutta with a Jeroboam of IPA (the IPA didn’t return) – all explained at his blog here. We’re looking forward with great anticipation to his new book.

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  1. The Beer Nut says:

    Speaking of beer, I thought this was up your street, or in your trench in a bog somewhere, or something…

  2. mooregroup says:

    Thanks for the link Beer Nut. We’ve been doing a little more research on Early Irish Beer and have been trawling through the early sources. Hadn’t got to these ones yet but the ‘in ballenio’ thing sounds really interesting!

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