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From Goldhawk in a recent ‘Phoenix’.

Picture the recent scene. One of the security guards employed within the last year to monitor all access into the Four Courts stands in the path of a bewigged gentleman, barring his way to the Law Library as the flustered legal eagle burrows fruitlessly in his gown, jacket and pinstriped trousers in a quest for his identity card – without which entry is strictly verboten.

The security guards are composed mainly of non-nationals who themselves, have had to negotiate strict bureaucratic obstacles to their progress in Irish life – most of them created by an unforgiving ex-minister for justice and Attorney General, Michael McDowell. They know that in this, their new country, rules are made to be obeyed.

As another eminent legal eagle hoves to, he recognises the gentleman who has lost his identity (sic) and so he rushes to his assistance, explaining that the person in front of him is none other than Michael McDowell, ex justice minister, former AG and current advocate in the Four Courts.

“I can vouch for him; I know who he is,” the barrister eagerly offers. The security guard leans sideways to the helpful barrister and in quiet, reasonably good English, says, “I also know who he is.”

Now, we have no feelings at all with regards to MM, and the non-national was, or, is a national of somewhere, but we thought the story was well worth recounting!

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