Oktoberfest 2007

Billy & Dec are off to Oktoberfest tomorrow. This important research trip is all part of our ongoing archaeology of beer study. It is very important to understand modern beer drinking culture and such in order to greater understand our past. So, you could call it a socio-historical research expedition. There will, we are sure, be many dangers to be faced, not least the 6.5 million visitors in Munich, but also the 6.9 million litres of beer, the 102 roasted steers, the 144,635 pairs of sausages (don’t know why sausages are paired!), the 500,000 roast chickens and the 43,492 knuckles of pork.

The Archaeology Ireland piece has been published and we’ll post the full article on our return, if we are in any state to do anything about it then.

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