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Experimental Archaeology in Northwest Europe: Principles and Potential Declan, Billy and Nigel will be presenting on Friday in UCD at 2ish as part of a Seminar on Experimental Archaeology. Here’s the outline from UCD: Experimental Archaeology has recently re-emerged as an approach enabling us to think about the past in practical ways, while it also […]

Demonstrating Ancient Brewing

Demonstrating Ancient Brewing

Feel free to visit us at UCD this Thursday and Friday where we’ll be demonstrating our fulacht brewing.. We’ll have limited samples available. We bottled about 50 litres last weekend. The beer came out really clean and we previewed it to a few friends on Saturday night. The response was quite good. The bog myrtle […]

Archaeology in the Digital Age

The World Archaeological Congress (WAC 6 – with the ubiquitous Broighter Boat serving as the conference logo) will be held in June this year in Dublin, and one of the themes is Digital Archaeology – Archaeology in the Digital Age 2.0. Here’s the abstract for the Theme: “We are witnessing the transformation to a society […]