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Two years ago Billy and I (Declan) gave a presentation at the National Roads Authority’s annual archaeology seminar about the fulacht beer theory. Now that I’ve figured out how to post VIMEO videos to wordpress – here’s a video of the presentation… Note the Erratum: Dr. Patrick McGovern, sometimes referred to as the Indiana Jones […]

Ancient Beer Latest…

From the January – February edition of Britarch (thanks to Merryn for pointing it out to us): Burnt mound theory tested to perfection David Chapman found an eroding “burnt mound” – a common but unexplained prehistoric mound of fired stones – on the Lleyn peninsula at Hell’s Mouth. Excavations in 2008 revealed an oak trough […]

The Great Beer Bibliography and Resource Post

For those of you who have a deep interest in the Archaeology of Beer, Spirits, Wine and Pleasure in general, here’s the beginning of a big beer bibliography and source list, with a very brief description of the contents. We’ll continue to add to it over time and hopefully someone will find it a useful […]