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Continuing our series of old posts, ones we feel were good, prescient or elicited some good conversation or debate, this post was first published in January 2008. It was posted in response to a radio piece by self-described ‘neo-luddite’ John Waters and was the first time we touched upon communicating archaeology and the environment. The subject […]

Friday Flora and Fauna

Well bloggers.  Seeing as this is the first post in a new thread, I thought I’d start with the topic of communication.  Blogging , obviously, is a form of communication or display.  A way of sort of putting yourself out there and waiting to see if you’ll attract some or any attention.  Let’s leave the […]

Moving to Drupal?

We’re considering moving the whole operation, website, blog (while it still has a small but growing readership) and all, over to Drupal. What we hope to do is expand on the resources aspect – pages with publications, links to useful web resources, photo collections etc.., all in one place. Anyone have any experience with the […]

More from John Waters

More from John Waters here. Fergal Crehan of debates blogs with Waters on Newstalk.

Blogging the environment

John Waters’ recent radio comments about blogging and the Internet have been widely commented on in the Irish blogosphere. Twenty Major has the Newstalk interview here. Notwithstanding the fact that Waters’ tirade should be taken with a pinch of salt, and, unconsidered as it is, the interview did give us some food for thought, particularly […]