Environmental Impact Assessment

If early scoping and planning is undertaken prior to development or in conjunction with planning, especially in the context of increasing legislative burdens (growing more complex every year), new development proposals can be enhanced and improved.

Our EIASEA approach is a systematic, practiced process of comprehensively analysing the impacts and presenting a high quality, impartial study of all available options. This is an extremely effective instrument in the planning process for any size of development. The services offered can be tailored to suit the proposal, whether it be a large infrastructural development or a single dwelling house in a sensitive receptor area.

These processes can help minimise potential costly delays to a project and maximise development opportunities and options. A well prepared EIA can help promote good public relations and assist in the protection and enhancement of the environment.

Moore Group has project managed both small and large scale EIS’s throughout Ireland.

Our Services Include:

  • Project Management
  • Scoping and consultation with planning authorities, government agencies, local community interests and other relevant parties
  • Human Beings
  • Ecology & Biodiversity – Flora & Fauna
  • Soils & Geology
  • Water
  • Landscape & Visual Impact
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Material Assets
  • Interactions
  • Impact Assessment and Analysis
  • Mitigation, enhancement and monitoring
  • Final consultations and subsequent monitoring/post development auditing
  • Planning Enquiries/Expert Witness Appearances