Pictured above is the coin recovered from the site at Oranmore – you can read the introduction to the excavation in this post: Found with burial 1, the coin was located close to the left hand of the skeleton indicating that it was deliberately placed with the individual at the time of burial.  After conservation […]

Moore Group’s new resource centre

The Moore Resource Centre is a project initiated by Moore Archaeological and Environmental Services and Moore Marine Ltd. The aim of the project is to build an open-source, membership based, comprehensive tool and source of relevant information to anyone undertaking a range of activities or projects on the Island or off the shore of Ireland. […]

Galway.. Then

Fishmarket & Claddagh Village, Galway 1913. While doing some research on the Spanish Arch area I came across these remarkable colour  images from 1913, part of the Alfred Kahn collection. Kahn, a French Banker commissioned a project in the early part of the last century to collect a photographic record of the entire Earth. He appointed […]

More Flickr photos

We’ve added more of the Eyre Square photos to our photostream on Flickr. This series comprises just a few samples of the type of finds we recovered during the project. We’ll add more over time. To date there are some of the small finds, the latrine, the wheel, some marbles, metal finds and some coins […]

Moore Group Flickr

We’ve set up a Flickr account for photos of the Eyre Square excavation results (and other material later). To date our collection is very small but we’ll add more over time. You can visit our photostream here and we’ve added a link on the left panel with our homepage links etc.. Oh, and this is […]

Harris online

Edward Harris’ Principles of Archaeological Stratigraphy is available for download online here. The Harris Matrix is now widely used worldwide. The book was first published in 1979 and is the seminal work on stratigraphical theory.

Coastal Heritage

Coastal Heritage

An initiative of The Heritage Council of Ireland (and funded by the Heritage Council) the web-based resource ‘‘ is a tool and information source for those initiating or taking part in projects in the coastal zone, and who wish to inform themselves on heritage issues in the marine and coastal area. Moore Group, along with […]

An introduction to stratigraphy

An introduction to stratigraphy

Understanding an archaeological site is a process of interpreting contemporaneous archaeological horizons. On any archaeological site, the upper strata are later and the lower strata are earlier, because each layer must have either been deposited on top of or created by the removal of a pre-existing layer. That’s the basis of stratigraphy. The term stratigraphy […]

The Great Beer Bibliography and Resource Post

For those of you who have a deep interest in the Archaeology of Beer, Spirits, Wine and Pleasure in general, here’s the beginning of a big beer bibliography and source list, with a very brief description of the contents. We’ll continue to add to it over time and hopefully someone will find it a useful […]

EIS's and SEA's – a brief introduction to the process

Ireland is famous for its green image with a clean, unspoilt and natural environment. It’s a landscape that’s changed significantly over the past decade after a period of unprecedented economic and cultural change. Changing lifestyles, population growth, urbanisation, immigration and phenomena such as European Union membership and the Celtic Tiger, have all impacted on the […]