Built Heritage



The ‘Meyrick’ Hotel, perhaps better known locally as the Great Southern, in Eyre Square (for a note on the naming see our next post) made some unfortunate local headlines recently. It’s a landmark hotel in the city centre dominating the western end of Eyre Square and is no stranger to controversy. Moore Group were involved […]

Built Heritage Lectures

From Limerick County Council: The 4th series of Built Heritage Lectures organised by Limerick County Council commence on Tuesday Jan 27th at 8pm and will be held fortnightly thereafter (Feb 10th & 24th, March 10th & 24th).  The details are available on the Limerick County Council web site here. Jan 27th        Grellan Rourke, Senior […]

I want to tear down the walls, that hold me inside

U2, The Clarence Hotel, and Protected Structures I want to run I want to hide I want to tear down the walls That hold me inside I want to reach out And touch the flame Where the streets have no name Now, this is not a political blog, and we don’t like to embroil ourselves […]