Seeking Information on 1922-1923 Civil War Executions

It’s been a while since we’ve posted here. But we’ve received a request from a researcher in the hope that our readers, particularly those with an interest in the Civil War letters, may be able to assist. John Morris in Sligo would appreciate any assistance. Here’s John’s guest post and request, please feel free to share and repost:

I’m undertaking research into the 77 official executions of Anti-Treaty Republicans conducted around the country by the Free State Government during the tragic 1922-23 Irish Civil War.

There are multiple references to the men on the internet and within printed material but I’d be particularly interested in getting in touch with any descendants who have kept their stories alive, perhaps had in their family possessions items such as originals of photographs, memorial cards or last letters for e.g. or any personal items that belonged to them. It would be a privilege for me to make contact with some descendants, to hear stories about the men, and to receive scanned images or photographs of treasured items such as the above that had been handed down through the years.

I’m not a member of any political party and have no affiliations whatsoever. It’s just that I have a deep interest in this troubled period of our history between the Treaty being signed and the end of the civil war. It must have been a period of tremendous social upheaval for Irish people to have lived through.  I’d like to perpetuate the memory of these 77 passionate young men around the country who lost their lives too early – many of them just in their teens.

A list of the executed men is attached (click the image below to embiggen).

If any readers of the Moore Group’s blog are descendants of the young men and can be of assistance to me on this – or indeed know of any leads that I could follow to make contact with people and obtain information about the men, then I’d ask that they contact me please via Gmail or mobile phone (Details below).

I’d like to thank Declan from Moore Group for his offer to assist me on this research.

Looking forward to receiving some replies.

Thanking You,

J. Morris, Co.Sligo, Ireland

Gmail address:

Mob No 0035387 6246266


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  1. John Morris says:

    Thanks again Declan for uploading my appeal for information. So if there is anyone out there that can assist me please get in touch.


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