Past Preservers is proud to announce that it is the official media promoter of  The Seventh World Archaeological Congress (WAC-7) to be held from January 14th-18th 2013 in Jordan.

WAC is an international forum for discussion for anyone who is concerned with the study of the past. WAC holds an international Congress every four years to promote: the exchange of results from archaeological research; professional training and public education for disadvantaged nations, groups and communities; the empowerment and support of Indigenous groups and First Nations peoples; and the conservation of archaeological sites.  By providing support for 200-300 people from low income countries, students and Indigenous groups, WAC Congresses create a unique opportunity for the sharing of knowledge from around the world. Each Congress is a unique event that is embedded in the culture of the host country.
‘WAC appreciates the support that Past Preservers is giving to WAC-7” said Professor Claire Smith, President of WAC. “We expect participation from people from around 75 countries, bringing with them a kaleidoscopic of knowledge from all parts of the globe. I know of no other conference with such an exciting environment in which to learn from each other.”
Nigel Hetherington, CEO and Founder of Past Preservers, says “We are honoured to be part of such a great event, I visited WAC-5 in Washington DC in 2003, while studying to be an archaeologist and it left a lasting impression on me, events like these really do enrich the landscape of archaeology.”
The palatial King Hussein Convention Center at the Dead Sea will be the main venue for WAC-7. The Dead Sea is the lowest and saltiest location on earth, and offers visitors health tourism and relaxation combined with history. Jordan is currently celebrating 200 years since the rediscovery of the World Heritage site of Petra. WAC-7’s brilliant scientific program will be complemented by an opportunity to experience the Kingdom of Jordan’s rich cultural life as well as its outstanding archaeological heritage.  This cultural heritage includes four sites on the World Heritage list, and another fifteen nominations. The Local Organizer of WAC-7 is Cultural Technologies for Heritage and Conservation (CulTech), a Jordanian NGO that deals with the protection of cultural heritage especially in Petra. Several Jordanian Institutions including foreign archaeological missions are represented on the National Organization Committee.
WAC-7 was hosted by UCD and was a fantastic event and we demonstrated our brewing in the grounds. If anyone wants to sponsor Moore Group to take a trip  to Jordan, we’re up for it!

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