Then Dig is an archaeological group blog conceived after a popular blog carnival leading up to the Blogging Archaeology session at the 76th meeting of the Society for American Archaeology and is the brainchild of Colleen Morgan and Alun Salt, with the goal of bringing the best of archaeological blogging together in one place. It’s a nicely presented blog and features a growing photo gallery.

Hosted by the Archaeological Research Facility at the University of California, Berkeley, the site went live on June 1st. There’s a monthly theme for posts as well as general interest, peer-reviewed posts and other posts. This month the theme, curated by Alun Salt, is ‘Distance’, and currently features posts by Ulla Rajala, Matt Law, Di Hu, Alun Salt, Marion Diamond and Katy Meyers. Declan has contributed a post due for publication next week (we think) – Update: post now published – click here…. Next month’s theme, curated by Terry Brock, is on the subject of ‘Tools’, see here for the call for posts.

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