New Flikr Gallery

We’ve added photos of Gareth Allen’s ‘Bestiary’ to our Flickr in preparation for our new website which will feature a Gallery page. Gareth was commissioned by Moore Group to produce a set of five illustrations. Taurus is cropped above as our header image. The collection reached the final of the Illustrators Guild of Ireland Awards in 2002. As well as having his illustrations used by Dubliner Magazine, the Irish Times and the Labour Party, Gareth has had a number of exhibitions and corporate commissions. The collection is based on the idea of the medieval BESTIARY, an ancient compendium of beasts, both mundane and fabulous, accompanied by a text. You can see them here..

2 Responses to “New Flikr Gallery”

  1. Kate says:

    These are fantastic – really beautiful. I particularly love the one of the owl. The owl is also associated Athena – it sat on her shoulder to light up he blind side……if I remember my Greek mythology correctly. I have always liked the one you use on your own site – hope you are going to keep it.

    Comment submitted by Kate Walsh

  2. declan says:

    Thanks Kate – we’ll pass your comment on to Gareth. Unfortunately the header won’t be used on our new site as there’ll be a standard header across the site (but further to your comment we may rethink that). I’ve always liked it as a header too…

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