New Year Mail

New Year, and Internet Register Ireland (a trading name of DAD Deutscher Adressdienst GmbH) have written to us to offer us the opportunity to update our entry on their website.  The letter, very officious in tone and printed on nice recycled paper also included a free business reply envelope.

This is not the first time we’ve received this letter and, needless to say we haven’t ever responded – because in the small print on their order form it appears that you agree to pay them  €958 for a listing on their “directory”.

We decided to send back the pre-paid envelope though…

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  1. southiesham says:

    Cheeky buggers. By the way, you need to send me your up-dated info for the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce Business Directory. I will gladly submit your information free of charge (with a small handling fee of 26,000 Euro).

  2. Hopefully you sent it back attached to a very large brick!

    Happy New Year, Declan! All the best in 2010 (and beyond).

  3. declan says:

    Thanks Colleen. All the best to you too for 2010.

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