Side scan sonar at Moore Marine

At Moore Marine we’ve just taken delivery of our new Klein System 3900 Dual-Frequency side scan sonar. The system is an extremely high resolution digital sonar which has a dual frequency capability with 445 kHz offering excellent range and resolution and 900 kHz which offers higher resolution of identified targets.The device will be particularly useful for dredging operations and environmental surveys.

It’s configured to be operated by one man. With our new toy we’ll be able to efficiently create an image of large areas of the sea floor. The applications are numerous – we’ll be using it for underwater archaeological surveys, for pre-development surveys for oil and gas pipelines, interconnectors etc.., to survey the condition and status of underwater cables, and in combination with our ODOM bathymetric survey system and other surveying techniques such as sub bottom profiling and magnetometer surveys (using our Marine Magnetics SeaSpy – delivery due next week!), we can provide full seabed surveys.  We also offer a rental service, whereby equipment can be hired either standalone or with a experienced technician.

You can see the full spec’s at Klein’s site here. Once we get a weather window we’ll be running it over some nearby sites and posting the results on the blog…

Contact Eoghan at 091-765640 for enquiries.

8 Responses to “Side scan sonar at Moore Marine”

  1. southiesham says:

    All I want to know is does it make the “du-du…KOOoooo” noise that all submarines sonars make in the movies.

  2. southiesham says:

    Great timing. Now ye will be able to use it to find Bill’s tv remote control.

    I know. I know. Sorry Bill.

  3. declan says:

    Billy’s house flooded alright but have a look at the RTE News Player footage of my house SS:

    Will last for another 6 days viewable internationally I think – about 21 minutes in…

  4. southiesham says:

    Sorry boss. The techno spoilsports at RTE won’t let me look at it.

  5. David says:

    Would love to eventually see you guys take this up and down the river near Ross Abbey to verify/debunk the legend about the monks dumping the tower bell before Cromwellian troops arrived.

    Not that you said you were taking requests, of course.

  6. declan says:

    Hi David, we had thought of it but we think that the river in the area has been dredged and disturbed in the past. Have a look at the OSI Aerial Photo here There are large areas of banked material which seem to confirm same. Pity. Would have been a good one…

  7. declan says:

    We’re thinking of going to survey the Tayleur over the coming weeks… wrecked on Lambay Island on 21 January 1854, we’ve a blog post about it here:

  8. David says:

    I’ll have you know you’ve burned half my day by showing me that OSI maps site! Thank heavens I’m off the clock! I’ve been poring over historical maps of the area near my mother’s property on the current R333 road.

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