Moore on Beer

Okay: It’s not exactly TED. But anyway, here’s our (Billy & Dec’s) presentation at the 2008 NRA Seminar (Dining and Dwelling) which is due for publication next month.

Entitled: ‘Fulachta fiadh and the beer experiment: suggested future research strategies.’ Any Chinese viewers, please forgive Declan. Also note Erratum: Dr. Patrick McGovern, sometimes referred to as the Indiana Jones of beer, was until recently employed at the University of Pennsylvania Museum and not Minneapolis as Declan erroneously states.

Video courtesy NRA.

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  1. EcoWarrior says:

    Coooooool……… nice presentation! I wonder of you are you the alcoholic archaeologists I’ve been hearing about…

  2. David Quinn says:

    Interesting ….very interesting. (stroke chin, scratch head). hmmm
    Seriously though good post. Just one question, at what point historically do archaeologists draw the line?

  3. declan says:

    Hi Dave – I think your comment might have been meant in relation to our WW1 post. Anyway – the Times of London has a piece here on the archaeology of the 20th century…
    Me, I’m not convinced.

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