Happy St. Patricks Day/Week

This letter from the Irish Independent drew our attention recently, and we thought we’d repost it for the weekend that’s in it…

Ken is an ex-Moore – well done Ken!

Deep thanks for help in Oz fires

Thursday February 26 2009

I am writing to express my true and sincere thanks for the help of two Irish lads who helped at Yea Emergency Relief Centre, Victoria, Australia, during our recent devastating Black Saturday fires.

These fires took many lives, destroyed homes and decimated our history and natural landscape.

Yea Emergency Relief Centre was short of young male volunteers, when Ken Fitzsimons of Dublin and Eoghan Dowling from Dunmore, Kilkenny, came along.

Ken and Eoghan pitched in and helped in such an incredible manner and were so generous with their time, efforts and concern for the people whose lives had been affected by the devastation of the fires.

Without the help of Ken and Eoghan and their dedication to supporting our community we could not have coped with the huge task of supplying emergency relief to those in need.

I thank their families for raising men of such strong standards and ethics and I thank Ireland for the support you have provided through these mentors for your country; you should all be proud.

Lisa, Paul, Lily & Ethan Rudd

Yea, Victoria, Australia

Moore Group’s office will be closed on Monday and Tuesday 16th & 17th March for the St. Patricks Day/Week festivities.

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