This arrived to us via Max Nelson in Canada – we made the January/February edition of  ‘Beer’ Magazine – The USA’s ‘Newsstands #1 selling Beer Magazine‘. Thanks Max…

Here’s a gratuitous scan of the Cover Girl:

Beer Magazine's Cover Girl

Here’s a snippet of the editorial from Beer ‘History 201’ – ‘The Luck of the Irish’:

The Luck of the Irish

And a lovely scroll detailing the ‘how to’s’…

How to brew a Bronze Age Irish Ale

Quality production values, beautifully presented – a showcase for presenting archaeology to the public.

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  1. Southisham says:

    Wow! Well done lads! And I see Bill even made the cover!

  2. Merryn says:

    Lovely stuff lads, but that’s not how you make the malt! Have almost done my article on malt and shall send it to you asap.

  3. declan says:

    Thanks Sham & Merryn.

    @Merryn – looking forward to seeing the article.

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