Irish Woo – Teh stone of consciouness

Warning –  snark.

From {located near Clonmacnoise, it’s described as a centre for ‘being and wholeness, a place where Spirit dwells and has it’s being. Being at ÁRD-NA-RÍ allows your spirit dance, a dance that dances the earth.’}:

Stone of Consciouness* (sic)


This stone, dated 3,500BC. made its’ way to ÁRD-NA-RÍ in 2002. It was placed on the wall to the left as you ascend the stairs. The energy vortices, of the Tree of Consciousness, Leonardo’s Canon and the Great Pyramid were established after the arrival of the stone. These 3 energy vortices form an equilateral triangle. The Vesica Piscis shared by the Tree of Consciousness and Leonardo’s Canon runs from the centre of the Temple of Transfiguration, in the Great Pyramid through the centre of the Solar Cross and ends in the centre of the hole of the Stone of Consciousness. The centre of the Stone of Consciousness was made to hold the cerebellum, if you lay on it. This hole is the Mark of Cain. Surrounding the Mark of Cain is the Rosi-Crucis, a cross symbolizing enlightenment. The Mark of Cain is also the Ayin, the all seeing eye, attributed to blackness, nothingness, the cerebellum. The all-seeing aspect is that which perceives light out of blackness. Alchemy means Al (the) Cheme (blackness). Alchemy is the science, which overcomes blackness, or that which enlightens through intuitive perception.

My mistake – at first glance I thought it was just a regular rotary quern. Must have had a date stamp too….

And not forgetting:

Árd Na Rí is a creative space of infinite potentiality. In 2001 the lowest sound levels in Ireland were recorded here.

The photo title is ‘stoneofdestiny’ – but that must have been too easy to spell.


7 Responses to “Irish Woo – Teh stone of consciouness”

  1. All those energy vortices really fcuk* up the spellcheck function of Word you know.

    *edited – see this post

  2. declan says:

    I’m afraid I had to edit your foul language Allan – see this post which elucidates our language policy – how else can we all dance the dance of perfect consciousnes and ascend the stairs of the all seeing eye if we don’t mind our language.

  3. southisham says:

    Fcuking too right Dec. Fcuking too right.

  4. Ger says:

    How did it make it’s way to Árd na Rí, faster than a rolling O maybe…I’ve seen replicas of this in shops, the manufacturers have stamped them with the enigmatic reference Po Lo, maybe some sort of sublunary* reference to the explorer and stellar navigation, not the whole hole, the whole of the moon, my hole.

    *see wiki entry on Sublunary Sphere for more mind expansion.

  5. Andy says:

    Is it just me or was anyone else disappointed that ‘Leonardo’s Canon’ wasn’t just another majectic spelling mistake and appears to be a common or garden water feature? i really was hoping for a big gun, perhaps for firing at the feet of any one mad enough to attend this ‘centre’ to entice them to dance that spirit dance, Clint Eastwood stylee….

    Also, the ‘Great Pyramid’ is a garden shed and the ‘Throne of Scota’ seems to have been bought in B&Q in Athlone.

    Feels like that episode of Father Ted with the funfair….

  6. Me and my fcuking pottymouth.

  7. billyatmoore says:

    I for one resent the above cynical remarks and support fully the work of this unique centre. XXXXXXX (Edited)….for those who are interested i have a wheelie bin of celestial consciousness and a look see at unbeatable winter rates will only cost you 50 euro. Inhaling the divine fumes of course is extra…

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