Assemblage II

Gathering stuff from the blogworld/internets on Beer, Archaeology, Environment, Aquaponics and anything else that strikes us as interesting, since last month.

We’ll start topically this time with Jim Corr setting out his stall on the Lisbon Treaty on ‘The Last Word’ (via Mulley)…… I still haven’t received my booklet – clearly I’m a victim of the tiptoe totalitarians and the new world order, one-world government, Zionist, Masonic, Illuminati, Anti-Semite, Communist conspiracy.

On beer this time we get a kind mention over at Impy Malting and Oishiioishii reports that Sapporo are brewing a ‘Space Beer’ made from ‘third generation barley grains that… spent five months on the International Space Station in 2006.’ Also just came across this piece in BNET which provides a really good background to the current knowledge on ancient beer around the world. Meanwhile Zythophile has an interesting post on AK Beer, while Pete has published a deleted scene from his fine tome ‘Three Sheets to the Wind’.

And, speaking of the literati, we heard Julian Gough on the radio last night talking about stealing Will Self’s Pig.

Colleen describes ‘memory mapping’ over at Middle Savagery and there’s more archaeology and anthropology reading over at Remote Central who hosts this weeks Four Stone Hearth (some great links there but I found James Q. Jacobs paper on The Cannibalism Paradigm: Assessing Contact Period Ethnohistorical Discourse of particular interest…). And Eachtra point to the Retreive Foundations claim at a recent UN conference thatthe desecration of indigenous lands and sacred areas continued, namely the Hill of Tara and surrounding areas’ and so far in Ireland, there was [sic] no dialogue about the rights of indigenous peoples.’ Aren’t we all indigenous? (then again my wife’s family only came here in the 13th century so could they be considered indigenous?).

On environment we read at Gristmill of a new potentially disastrous, aggressive strain of a fungal disease that can decimate wheat crops. Biodiversity (specifically ‘the more different strains of wheat we cultivate across the globe, the less vulnerable we’ll all be when a single damaging fungus strain seeps through’) is one of the suggested answers to this threat.

And Garry Miley has revamped the Planning Dispatch. His discussion regarding Protected structures here and here is well worth reading.

Finally, our new interest in Aquaponics. There’s some great sources over at Joel Malcolms excellent forum via his website Backyard Aquaponics. He’s also started publishing a journal.

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